Drawing of Angus the prospector

Meet Angus, he'll extract what you need out of your old emails!

You spent countless hours of your life writing emails to a bunch of people. This data is a goldmine!

Inbox Prospector is a powerful tool that scans all your emails history (recipients, senders, content) builds a CSV contact list file for :

  • Import into your address book
  • Find your LinkedIn contacts
  • Import contacts into Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, ProsperWorks, Sugar CRM, Pivotal CRM and many more!
  • Excel
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First thing first,
whatcha usin’?

More coming soon!

How is it done? Here’s a cool diagram of how it’s done...

key picture

We connect to your email provider

arrow picture
Angus the prospector picture

Angus excavates your inboxes for contacts

arrow picture
prospector mine cart picture

He puts everything together

arrow picture
pile of gold picture

You just got yourself a pile of gold from your old emails!

Angus can connect and excavate ...

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More coming soon!